Revolutionizing Events Since 2009

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About Us

We are a full – fledged New York City – Service Event Planning Company, serving New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island Regions, and other states within the United States and International Destination Wedding and Celebrations. We listen to you our clients who really want world – class service and a customized celebration without any pressure.  Are concern that you will not have the time to plan your special occasion, which will reflect your unique personality, and would like a fantastic time for all your guests. We are here to ease your anxiety and work with you to fulfill your vision.

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At Laa – Vision Events, we offer first-class service and a stunning and beautifully designed event experience. We are pleased to create this magical moment that impacts our luxury clients with outstanding design and planning. We focus solely on outstanding service, phenomenal execution, majestic ambience, spectacular finesse, and elegance in all respects. With an island flare, intricate designs, and a keen eye for vibrant colors, rendering the design process stress – free, we believe that every celebration has its own style and a customized design, and once this is established, it begins the journey.

the journey begins, we initiate the celebration planning process, focusing on your guest experience. It is important to consider that your event is a once – in – a – lifetime experience that you want to gift to your guests who have gathered to celebrate this unforgettable experience with you. For this unique experience to unfold, a lot of time, research, implementation, and attention to detail is required for a magical ethereal experience that is enjoyable leaving you and your guest in awe.


Our Portfolio

Our Promise to You

To create the most priceless and efficient celebration for you and your guests, because impression is everything. We are driven by craft and are experts in building your celebration from the ground up. Which is why we are not only planning outside the box; we are turning the box upside down to create an incredible celebration for you and your guest to enjoy. We will also integrate an added digital experience to make your unattended guests feel as if they are celebrating right there with you.

Meet The Founder

Hazel Burgan was born in Trinidad, West Indies but grew up in Brooklyn, New York, studied, and graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Business Management, and Certified with the Bridal Society as a Wedding and Event Planner. After gaining five years of experience in hospitality before starting Laa Vision Events in 2009, she worked as a Stock and Bond Specialist in the financial district on Wall Street for 20 years. While there, she assisted with company event planning and this is where her vision started on becoming an Event Planner. After being asked to plan and coordinate her best friend’s wedding with a guest list of 350 attendees, she took on the challenge with great enthusiasm, and it was a complete success, This opened the door for her and she went on to plan many more weddings, social events and company’s galas.